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A selection of some of our favourite client projects

John Sloman 

Collaborating with the legendary rockstar John Sloman, a former member of the iconic rock band Uriah Heep, has been an exhilarating and creatively fulfilling experience. Working closely on his new albums, I had the privilege of contributing to various aspects of the projects, including handling all aspects of design from the album covers, to conceptualising and producing captivating music videos.



Participating in the creation of Osibisa's latest albums has been an extraordinary venture deeply immersed in the lively tapestry of Afrobeat and global music. Working for this iconic band has been a genuine privilege. Osibisa's extensive musical legacy, fusing traditional African rhythms with elements of jazz and funk, provided a distinctive and dynamic canvas for our creative exploration. In close collaboration with the band, our aim was to visually encapsulate the essence of their multicultural sound, ensuring that every album cover and music video resonated with the vitality and character synonymous with Osibisa's legendary reputation. This collaborative journey not only paid homage to the band's lasting impact on the international music scene but also instilled a profound admiration for Osibisa's ongoing contributions to cultural diversity and artistic ingenuity on the global stage.


C4M Clothing

Embarking on a creative collaboration with C4M Clothing has been a dynamic and inspiring experience. As we navigated the realms of visual storytelling, branding, and marketing, the synergy between our visions and C4M's unique clothing line came to life. Crafting compelling advertisements involved capturing the essence of C4M's style, emphasising quality, innovation, and the brand's distinct identity. 


Walter Egan

Working with the esteemed musician Walter Egan has been a truly enriching experience, marked by his exceptional musical talent and collaborative spirit. As we delved into the creative process together, Walter's artistic vision and commitment to excellence were evident at every turn. His storied career and iconic contributions to the music industry provided a solid foundation for our collaboration, fostering an environment of innovation and creative exploration. The synergy between our ideas and Walter's distinctive sound allowed us to craft visual elements that seamlessly complemented the essence of his music.


Dell Richardson

Embarking on a creative journey alongside Afro Rock legend Dell Richardson has proven to be an invigorating venture. From filming a short documentary to photoshoots the collaboration stands as a tribute to Dell's iconic standing in the genre. His musical expertise, skilfully merging African rhythms with rock elements, provided a vibrant foundation for our creative pursuits. Contributing to the artistic realm of an Afro Rock pioneer was an honour, bringing his latest albums to life through a fusion of visual storytelling and musical innovation.


Native Son

The album cover for Native Son's new EP, "Crossfire," draws inspiration from the iconic style of Jackson Pollock, infusing the chaotic energy of his abstract expressionism with the raw intensity of heavy metal. The central focus is on a striking image of bullets embedded within the paint, symbolizing the EP's title, "Crossfire." The bullets, rendered with a gritty realism, serve as a powerful visual metaphor for the sonic impact of Native Son's music.

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